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About TurboSentry

What is TurboSentry?

TurboSentry is an application that merges top 100 lists taken from MajorMUDTM realms to create a combined "world" list. Through TurboSentry, the MajorMUD community is brought together allowing people to see where their characters are relative to everyone else. TurboSentry is written by Robin Ellis a.k.a. Turbofoot, but the original idea was not his.

Sean Vaandering was the pioneer. He thought of the idea originally and created MudSentry - it was a great web site and he had loads of realms on it. Alas, he discontinued the project. Turbofoot decided to fill the gap.

TurboSentry is FREE: free to look at, free to link to, and free to contribute to. There are no banners, no popups and no paypal logo. You are not going to be asked for any money in any way. When linking to my site you can use my logo if you want: the url is http://www.turbosentry.net/images/turbologo2.gif

A board can link to "its" page for free as well. For example, if a board was called magicom-new then it would have a page called "list-magicom.net.html" with a full URL of http://www.turbosentry.net/list-magicom-new.net.html and that board (magicom.net) could, if it wanted, have a link on its site that pointed directly to its page.

How do I get my realm on it?

Any realm can join as long as it is legit. I will not accept caps from hexed, edited, pirated or in any other way non-legit boards. Also, if Metropolis tells me that a realm is not legit then the realm and its characters will be removed until the realm sorts it out with Metro. The entire board must be legit: if you have legit and non-legit stuff going on at the same time you can't get on the list.

I will happily accept private boards either by email or telnet, but tell me you want to remain private to prevent me from publishing your domain name/address or IP address.

TurboSentry will log on once every three hours (approx.), get past the menus, enter the realm, grab the stuff it needs and exit cleanly. The bot should be on for no longer than two minutes each time.

For the automated telnet login I need the domain name or IP address, a login (e.g. turbosentry), a password, and a low-use account setup - one hour per day or similar. I will never "play" the account but I may manually log in to check BBS email, gossip to the realm or check for prompt/response problems should they occur. Once you set up an account email me the details. Do not forget to tell me what you want the realm to be called otherwise I will use the domain name.

I do not need any sys powers. The bot gets the registration number using SYS LANCE, a command that any user can enter at any time to report the IP address and reg number of the board.

I can handle multiple realms per board but each has to have a unique name. For example, metro-live, metro-sanc2 and metro-sanc are all accessed via masterpiece.com but have different characters.

If your name's not down ...

... then you aren't getting in. I only accept the output from the "top 100" command. If your realm outputs only 30 names and you aren't on that list then you aren't gonna appear on the TurboSentry site. I will not accept individual characters, regardless of how good they are.

You could always ask your sysop to increase the length of the top 100 list to include you but if they don't then you are screwed. Try harder.

What do Idle and Arc mean? And what are those arrows under Change all about?

If a character fails to get any experience in five consecutive days the exp/hr will be show as "idle". If a character fails to get any experience in 10 consecutive days the exp/hr will be show as "arc".

The arrows denote the movement in the world list. A blue arrow means a character has not moved since the last time TurboSentry built the site. A green arrow means a character moved up (the number next to the arrow being the number of places up they moved up) and a red arrow means - shock - they moved down. Every so often I clear the system out, removing re-rolled characters or renamed characters (when the first name changes), so your characters may appear to move up and down even though you haven't really done anything.

Legal-type Stuff

TurboSentry is provided as a service and published on a web site for free. I am happy to provide the service but do so without any obligation - I have a proper job that kinda gets in the way of TurboSentry development. I do not have to immediately add your cap or immediately add your realm to the list but will try to do so when I get the chance.

As of January 27, 2004, SniggleZ & TonyLM have fully taken over the "bot" and the web site for Turbosentry. The new site address is http://www.turbosentry.net.

MajorMUD is owned by Metropolis, Inc.

Thanks to Locke Cole for providing the function to calculate experience for any level and experience table.

Special thanks to Mike (Sysop at Entconn) and Cal from Magicom.net for donating to make the dedicated TurboSentry server!

Thanks to TonyLM and SniggleZ from Magicom for running the site!

Comments? Questions? Email Turbo

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